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Get Salted bath bombs are proudly made here in the USA using the finest quality food grade ingredients. Our bath bombs are handmade,  vegan and gluten-free. Our ingredients are All Natural & made with pure Himalayan salt crystals, 100% pure essential oils for fragrance, Non-GMO cornstarch for a silky feel, sunflower oil, organic shea butter & cocoa butter to keep your skin soft & moisturized. They are not colored so they will not stain your tub or skin. With  6 unique aromatherapy blends - SOOTHE, BREATHE, RELAX, UNWIND, REVIVE  & DETOX. Which will you choose? Treat yourself and your senses tonight.   Use:  Therapeutic bathing and aromatherapy  Features & Benefits Clear sinuses and experience respiratory relief Soothes tired muscles and joints and helps relieve pain and soreness Re-mineralize the body via dermal absorption Moisturizes skin with organic shea and cocoa butter  Recommended for: Chronic muscle and joint pain Sinus and congestion relief Relaxation and well being

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