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Military, Veterans,Law Enforcement, Firefighters 


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Every Tuesday Senior's

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Adults 60 years and older.

$10 off any full price Session/Package on Tuesdays

Wine Tasting Events

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Psychic/Medium Circle

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 Complimentary Class

Essential Oils 101
Cooking with Essential Oils
Green Cleaning With Essential Oils
Essential Oils for Women's Health
Hosted by Lisa


This is the meditation class for people who "can't meditate." Kirsten guides students to develop a practice they'll love, through a combination of Breath Work, Present Moment Awareness, Loving Kindness, and Reiki Infused

Kirsten teaches meditation for deep stress release, empowerment, and increasing productivity to busy Moms, Super Achieving Executives, and everyone in between. Kirsten Yadouga-Certified Meditation Instructor, Reiki II and Feng Shui Practitioner, and Interior Stylist for your next favorite meditation practice.

Time to Uncork & UnWine'd

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Host Your Special Private 


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Complimentary Class

An Introduction to Crystals/Healing  Gifts from Mother Earth

Hosted by Julie

Complimentary Class

BodyTalk A Revolution In Healthcare

It is only through good inter-cellular communication that we can be healthy. BodyTalk utilizes applied kinesiology techniques to help re-establish these communicative links and assist the body in obtaining its maximum potential.

 Find out what BodyTalk can do for you!

Hosted by Marian

Shamanic Healing Circle

Go on a journey in meditation to have your questions answered while an individual Reiki treatment is given.

Hosted by Georgina 

RPN,Reiki Master, Shaman    

                                                                                 NEW EVENTS                  

*Dr. Johanne M. Judd, D.C. – Upper Cervical Care - How Chiropractic Can Help Keep Your Body Aligned

*Learn What CBD/Hemp Can Do For Your Health & How To Choose The Best Products                                       (Complimentary)

*Women's Empowerment Group Hosted by Jaclyn Rinaldi

*Kidding Around Yoga Ages 5-10 Given By Jaclyn Rinaldi
*Call For Times & Information*

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